In addition to providing over 50 good paying jobs to mostly Sacramento local residents and contributing substantial revenues through taxes, Northstar has a long history of organizing efforts to improve the City of Sacramento. We believe with a little love, inspiration, and dedicated resources, that we can vastly improve the beauty of our local landscape. We have developed the most robust and committed community programs in the industry at our current locations and will continue to do so as we expand operations. We currently contribute at least 5% of gross revenues to these programs through Northstar Holistic Collective dispensary in Sacramento. Our current efforts are detailed as follows:

Ongoing Neighborhood Clean-Up and Graffiti Removal
For the past 5 years, Northstar has organized bi-weekly neighborhood clean-up events in the neighborhood surrounding our C Street location. With the support of local volunteers, organizations with similar goals, and with Northstar providing resources for litter transport, dumping, and clean-up supplies, our community clean-up days and graffiti removal projects are aimed at removing blight and adding beauty. We understand the ongoing struggle and burden of cleaning up areas where dumping, graffiti, and neglect have created undesirable and unattractive situations. Our clean-up days help to create a sense of pride for the area in which we live and work.

Health Assistance Programs
We are committed to serving the needs of Sacramento residents by helping under-served and vulnerable populations find solutions to health related issues in the community. We will perform a health needs assessment in the area based on information from relevant County agencies to target our resources to programs that will directly impact the community.

Relief From Hunger
Northstar understands the challenges that many in the community face to just put food on the table every day. We also understand that people who are hungry cannot be productive and contributing members of society. Hunger increases crime, as people become more desperate and less caring in their quest to survive. In an effort to realize a community where no one lacks a decent meal and the ability to eat nutritiously, our organization has organized food pantry programs that provide weekly groceries to hundreds of families. In addition, we work with faith-based and socially conscious groups to provide much-needed resources and contribute directly through food drives and funding commitments to these organizations.

Cultural and Community Gatherings
Northstar looks forward to partnering with local events, both large and small, to increase community awareness and outreach. We believe that Sacramento has a wonderful array of local events that bring resources and education to the vibrant community. By working to promote, develop, and partner with organizations that host community events, we hope to make Sacramento a more beautiful place to live.

Local Montessori School
Northstar reached out to numerous child-care facilities, schools, and after-school programs, and after a great deal of consideration, partnered with The 12th Street Collaborative for Montessori Education, LLC- Sacramento Montessori School.
Director of operations, Marilyn Prosser met with the owner of Northstar and expressed the needs of the facility. After a great deal of consideration, there were three items that stood out among other needs.
Safety, cleanliness, and tuition. The 12th Street Collaborative for Montessori Education is the third oldest building in Sacramento. With that being said, new railing on the first, and second story was in desperation. Marilyn had a list of approved contractors to conduct the work needed, we then gifted the payment to ensure the safety of the children under their care. Montessori believes that mother nature is the best form of education, with such being said; re-usable resources are of high importance. The infant rooms use re-usable diapers, the “nap mats” are washed by the staff. Along with many others that may be listed for the need of cleaning, it was Northstar’s pleasure to donate a new washer and dryer. While messy children make happy children, clean children make happier parents. Marilyn Prosser, Ph.D, truly believes that each child deserves the greatest experience through their education. The school offers services to families of each financial state, which in itself is selflessly remarkable. Northstar took great pride in helping to fund a child’s tuition. Without hesitation, Northstar Holistic Collective aided its community by enriching the future of Sacramento- through the children.