In addition to providing over 50 good paying jobs to mostly Sacramento local residents and contributing substantial revenues through taxes, Northstar has a long history of organizing efforts to improve the City of Sacramento. We believe with a little love, inspiration, and dedicated resources, that we can vastly improve the beauty of our local landscape. We have developed the most robust and committed community programs in the industry at our current locations and will continue to do so as we expand operations.

Ongoing Neighborhood Clean-Up and Graffiti Removal

With the support of local volunteers, organizations with similar goals, and with Northstar providing resources for litter transport, dumping, and clean-up supplies, our community clean-up days and graffiti removal projects are aimed at removing blight and adding beauty.

Health Assistance Programs

We are committed to serving the needs of Sacramento residents by helping under-served and vulnerable populations find solutions to health related issues in the community. We will perform a health needs assessment in the area based on information from relevant County agencies to target our resources to programs that will directly impact the community.

Relief From Hunger

Northstar understands the challenges that many in the community face to just put food on the table every day. In an effort to realize a community where no one lacks a decent meal and the ability to eat nutritiously, our organization has organized food pantry programs that provide weekly groceries to hundreds of families.

Cultural and Community Gatherings

Northstar looks forward to partnering with local events to increase community awareness and outreach. We believe that Sacramento has a wonderful array of local events that bring resources and education to the vibrant community. By working with organizations that host community events, we hope to make Sacramento a more beautiful place to live.

Local Montessori School

Northstar reached out to numerous child-care facilities, schools, and after-school programs, and after a great deal of consideration, partnered with The 12th Street Collaborative for Montessori Education, LLC- Sacramento Montessori School.